CFM-300WH Faucet Mount Filtration System - White

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This Product Filters: Chlorine | Particulates Class I | PFOA/PFOS

Culligan would like to introduce the new, longer-lasting, faucet mount filtration system that offers 3x the life vs our competitors.  Culligans Faucet Mount Filtration System is certified to reduce PFOA/PFOS, Chlorine & Particulates Class I, all of which can be dangerous upon consumption. Each device purchase includes your first filter, CRFM-001 The replacement filter, CRFM-001, only takes minutes to replace for your convenience.   

Product Feature White Finish 

  • Carbon fiber technology lasts 3x longer than leading brands 
  • Offers 300 Gallons vs. competitive 100 Gallon rating 
  • WQA Certified for the reduction of PFOA/PFOS, Chlorine, Particulates Class I
  • 300-gallon rating 
  • Lasts 4 months  
  • Easily connects directly to your faucet (does not fit drop-down faucets) 
  • Filter life indicator  
  • 2-year warranty   

Product Specifications 

Package includes: Filter body with diverter valve/aerator, CRFM-001 filter cartridge, faucet adapter kit (which will fit most faucets).

Additional Parts Available: CRFM-001

Filter Life: 4 months

Use With: CRFM-001

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