Culligan Do-It-Yourself Water Filtration Solutions.

We offer a full line of water filtration solutions to make your water the best it can be – and you can install it all on your own! From under-sink Ultrafiltration, shower filters, to whole house sediment filters.

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For Your Health. For Your Home.

CulliganDIY gives you water filtration performances you can trust! Choosing CulliganDIY means cost savings and removing single use plastics from your home. Do It Yourself and see why generation after generation of satisfied customers entrust their water to CulliganDIY.

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Benefits of Culligan DIY

Make the water in your home fresher and better! Did you know that we offer a full line of water filtration products that you can install all on your own? Discover our under-sink Ultrafiltration, shower filters, whole house sediment filters, and more. From top to bottom, Culligan DIY has the solution to make your water the best it can be!

Preserve Water-Using Appliances

Use a whole house filter to keep your plumbing clean and preserve the life of appliances in your home.

Drink Safer Water

Reduce health risks by drinking filtered water every day.

Hydrate Better With Cleaner Water

Increase your level of hydration with filtered water straight from your faucet.

Advanced Tech

Get the best systems that filter contaminants in water flowing through your home.

Replacement Filters

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